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Recognized as a vibrant Australian Landscape and Contemporary Artist with recent exhibitions in France.
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From The Artist

I live in Broken Hill NSW Australia; I have been an artist all my life. I am the youngest daughter of the internationally acclaimed Artist, Sculptor and Inventor Pro Hart.

I still paint in my father’s studios; they are places I have always found comfort and security to create my artworks. I have wandered in there since I can remember, so much so that Dad made me my own easel next to his. My Mother Raylee is happy about this as it means she sees me most days. She recounts how I used to waddle in, in my nappy and paint just like my Dad. I have two older brothers John and Kym, and older sister Marie, and a younger brother David.

Since the 1980’s Dad (Pro) used to get me to prepare his boards for painting, get his mail and his papers, run around town and make him his favourite “frothy coffee”. Funny I always remember being the one to clean up the brushes.

Whilst we painted, sometimes we would chat endlessly, other times just comfortable silence as we immersed ourselves in our art. I suppose it was our refuge from the world. We would listen to Handle’s Messiah or the Bible on CD, (he was a man of strong Christian Conviction). He also would get me to varnish and restore his paintings (actually I still restore his paintings do to this day).

The studio would often be cluttered with bric a brac, photos, gadgets (he loved gadgets) and drawings of his inventions. Paint brushes and paint tubes n tubs hid in every corner, often with a roofing nail sticking out from them to access the un-dried paint in the tube there would be finished and unfinished paintings scattered around. He would complain about not being able to find anything, although like most men he knew basically were everything was, so he would  get me to clean up, then complain I’d moved everything. But I wouldn’t change a thing. On the walls were drawings and sketches of funny (not so politically correct) situations by him and another artist friend, who would try to out pun each other.

Dad taught me his most intimate and guarded techniques, which I suppose I have refined to suit my own personal expression and application.

Some subjects I won’t paint as I feel they should be remembered as Dad’s trademarks as such. I want to keep the integrity of what Dad started through his artwork. And in dad’s never ending search for expression I also love to explore colour texture and movement with my floral artworks using thick flowing unrestrained amounts of paint. I feel privileged to be gifted with a talent that others can enjoy as well. Thanks for visiting my website

                                                Julie Hart
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